Friday 1 April 2011

Mine will be warm - Ken

Well, well, well. Here we are in paradise and we are not alone! Who knew that others would have the same idea that we had? When we went to the statue of Duke Kahanamuko to wave to the folks back in their snug little homes,  we met a guy doing the same thing! We had a good laugh.

We mainly did shopping and walking today. When I say we, I mean the royal me, but it was fun just the same. I can’t believe that I got a blister for the first time in years! Combination of newer shoes and slow shopping walking. Deadly! We watched the sunset from our grass mats on Waikiki Beach. What???? I never thought that I would say that. Can you imagine me on a grass mat? The mats are a lot of fun, Every now and then you get up to “adjust” their position and get to toss sand on perfect strangers. Heh, heh, heh. “Oh, I’m sorry! Did I get sand on you?” Perfect! I never said that I was the nicest guy, just that I enjoy myself.

I guess the plan for tomorrow is to summit Diamondhead. I have a friend that just went to 
Africa to climb Kilimanjaro and unfortunately just missed the summit by a few yards. I might not get to the top of Diamondhead, but when I fail I can get a shaved ice and cry myself to sleep on the beach looking at all of the hard surfer bodies instead of some smelly sherpa type tribesman. Potato…potato.

Yep the sun will rise all over the world tomorrow, but mine will be in Hawaii...

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  1. Well crap we missed your web cam appearance, any chance on a sequel? We had friends that just got back from wintering in Phoenix and we lost track of time. You mentioned that you were going to climb Diamondhead today and I'm fairly sure that there is a ammo munitions dump up there, as I recall someone telling me back in the 70's. If this is true my question is will you be allowed up there? Or will you see the barrel end of a M16 and be accused of state terrorism and be dragged of to the prison in Cuba with all of those Muslim fellows. If so be sure to ask for a fitted bag over your head and not a cheap knock off. Other then that I'm glad to see your enjoying your holiday and looking forward to your sequel! Brian