Friday 8 April 2011

A Life Well Wasted

You know, when you have been married a long time it’s the little things that mean so much. I like to get up in the morning and wish Louise a good day at work, put the kettle on without being asked and while I am in Hawaii I think it is nice to walk her to her instruction in the morning. Sure, while she is busting her ass I am strolling on a tropical beach greeting all and sundry with an “Aloha” and a smile. This morning was no different from the other mornings, except for the fact that when we were almost there it started to rain in earnest. I would like to say that I kept walking giving her hand a little squeeze and a knowing smile that says I love you. The reality was “Have a good time, I’m going to stand under the tree till it stops.”. I had a nice chat with a local who also sheltered from the rain and she assured me it would stop for the afternoon. It let up after slightly more than a few minutes later and I walked back to the house with a light step and a lighter heart. I would  have been whistling if I weren’t so self conscious.

Sure enough, the sun came out and I did get my walk on the beach and stopped for a coffee and a good read at what I like to call my Hawaiian Tim’s, The Kalapawai Market. No donuts, but good coffee and the scenery is to die for.

Louise decided that she would only do a half day today and we spent the afternoon at the beach. I greased myself up and frolicked in the surf like a sea otter! OK, more like a sea lion, but you get the idea. I thought that I would be a little self conscious about my body, but it seems as if I am not the only older gentleman that has let his body go to seed. Sure, there are plenty of hard bodies struting their stuff, but I know that in twenty or thirty years they will be calmly strolling along the beach with their belly doing recon and the belief that somehow they didn’t screw their life up as bad as they could have.

Tomorrow, we go to Waikiki and Louise is to surf the waves there. Pretty cool graduation.

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  1. OK now I'm getting jealous as you sun on the beach well I work away on the yard, helping the wife transforming her flower beds etc. Mostly I'm the grunt placing ciders here and there and hauling soil around in wheelbarrow. You know happy wife means happy life! Now back to the beach and the sea lion comment, we have those huge mammals just down the street at the harbour. To compare yourself to one of those, man you have really let yourself go in retirement haven't you! Love your little coffee shop there and do they serve kona coffee ? Brian