Sunday 3 April 2011

Another day at the salt mines -Ken

Well, I guess if I am to keep up the blog I had best write it on using Word and paste it when I have the chance. Today (Apr 2) we check out of our postage stamp sized hotel room and head to the house. First we had to pack and get the shuttle to the airport. Thrifty did us proud and we got an upgrade to a full size 300 T. it’s white for all of you car guys out there.

We went to the Ala Moana Mall for lunch and the met Rob, Mickie and Uve to pick up their bags while they took a cab to the house. Oh, I forgot to say that our GPS started working once we plugged it into the car. Very strange, but very welcome. The house is terrific, with three bedrooms, large kitchen and large dining living  room and a large sun/entertainment room. Did I mention the kidney shaped pool? Louise and I are staying in the pool house which is perfect for us.

We drove to do our groceries for the week and then came home and unpacked and made supper. We went for  a walk after supper and when we got back, Shirley and Colleen had arrived. We chatted for a while and then went to our pool house. Time for bed. Well, time to read anyways.    

Yeah, I didn't go to bed. It is just nice listening to the wind blow and smell the sea air. OK, that's just me.

This has little to do with anything, but I use Ocean Surf deodorant, what do you think is more likely? That my armpits smell like a fresh breeze off of the ocean or the ocean smells like an armpit? I will leave you to ponder that.

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  1. Sounds like life in paradise is working well for you sun starved Albertans, don't get to comfy as you will still have to deal with May and June. These months for non Albertans is like hell only colder, don't let me place a chill in your holiday BUT you do have to return! The pool room sounds so inviting, and must have taken a little ass kissing to get. The smell of the ocean does have it's uplifting feeling and so do the warm evening that you wish would never end. And of course SEX by the pool is always a good thing, not speaking from experience just from what I've heard! Brian