Sunday 17 April 2011

Tufts of hair, Samoa and Vitamin D - Ken

I’m definitely on the wind down part of the vacation. Most of the things that we had planned to do have been done or scratched off of the list. For the rest of our time in paradise it will be sun and surf.

Today we decided to drive to Kailua one last time. It has the beaches that we like and it feels like home away from home. Minus the snow of course. 

This being a Saturday there was more activity on the beach than during the week. From four PM till noon the next day the parking lot will be closed due to a triatholon. There was also a large group of Hawaiians having a first birthday party, with an inflatable castle slide, large event tent and tons of food. I asked if a big first birthday party was a Hawaiian tradition. One guy looked at me and said in an ice cold voice, “It’s Samoan.” Of course I apologized while I wet myself and backed away very slowly.

Now, after my near death experience the rest of the day fell together nicely. We took a dip in the ocean and stored up more than our quota of vitamin D. I talked to a woman about the Kobo reader and it’s good and bad traits and the new Jean Auel book. Her husband and herself came from Oregon this year because the husband worked for Coke and could get a transfer. They felt that they had come home the first time they came to Hawaii in ‘98 and had been trying to move here since. They asked if we were interested in a home in Oregon. We solved some of the world’s problems and then went back to the sun tan.

It was fascinating watching everyone walking by and playing in the surf . Now I am not a runway model, but some of these Humma-hungas made me feel positively petite. They had hair, oh my God they had hair! Some seemed to drag it in the sand. Funny thing about hair, on some people, or should I say most people what they have on their heads and face suit them. It is the tufts of hair sticking out willy-nilly from the oddest places that had my lunch parked midway between stomach and mouth. I made sure that I had a Brazilian before I came to Paradise. I am that thoughtful!

We drove back and miracle of miracles there was a spot for the car in front of the house. Life gets better I am sure, I just don’t know how…

One more day of wallowing on the beach in paradise and then back to the snow shovel and Tim’s coffee…Yea????

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  1. And snow you will have my friend, oh well by late July it will warm up to about +10 c. Of course that will be followed quickly by 9 months more of winter, have you thought of applying for refugee status and staying there in paradise Brian