Saturday 16 April 2011

Mock Turtle - Not Likely - Ken

Where to begin? Where to begin?

No rooster this morning, so I expect that there was a BBQ last night. I wish I had been invited. 

Today’s journey involves finding Turtle Beach. Turns out that The Turtle Beach Resort is actually The Turtle Bay Resort. Still a turd hole if you ask me. We know that it is somewhere between here and Hale’iwa, so we have driven past it numerous times in the past few days without seeing it. We checked out our hard copy maps, studied the satellite view on Google Maps and I sacrificed an ant to Lono the Hawaiian God of learning. No stone unturned and no leaf…unleafed (?).The guide book said to look for a lot of cars parked at the side of the road and pull in there. Pretty simple really. Yep, found it.

Normally, whenever you hear about a place like Turtle Beach it is a place where sometime in the distant past someone had seen a turtle. Not so for Turtle Beach! The place is fully stocked with turtles large and small. They swim right where the surf breaks which makes for some wonderful photo opportunities. They also let the waves bring them up on the beach and then reverse surf back into the ocean. Pretty impressive all in all. We spent quite some time being entertained by Toby turtle and friends and afterwards we spent an hour or so sitting on the beach watching  homo sapiens in their natural habitat. Strange creatures!

I can only go so long before I need a re-fueling stop. I am pretty sure that the engine isn’t working at peak performance anymore, it comes from years of neglect and abuse. There is reincarnation in my future, so I get a new body and new life to try not to screw up. We stopped at a place called Jameson’s Pub and I ordered a Reuben while Louise opted for the Veggie burger. Both were very nice. You know, this place should go into the tourist business, they would make a fortune. For desert (yes, we felt we needed desert) we had a macadamian nut ice cream pie with an oreo crust. Yep, it was just as awful as you might think.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t sleep well last night so it is off to the room for a well earned nap.

Life in paradise…

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