Wednesday 6 April 2011

Swim in the pool…dry off.

Today’s weather….Sunny and warm.

I am thinking that they could have some kid from high school do the weather here on a part time basis. Maybe call him/her in whenever the weather does something crazy. Like…oh…say drop below 25. They could save a fortune. 

This was Louise’s second day on the water and I am glad that it is her and the paddling pals that are exerting themselves in this heat. I think she had a good day, but it is had to look at them what with the bright red shine from their bodies and the blast furnace skin that they have. There are smiles, so I guess that is a good thing.

I made pulled pork today and it was well received. I went to the store (Safeway - Arwen) for the ingredients and came back to prepare it so that it would be ready by 5:00. After the prep work I went down to get some pics of Louise on the water, she was just coming off for lunch but posed for a couple of fake pics to humour me. We stopped at the shaved ice store for some extra energy.  Yep, the shaved ice is different from snow cones…better!

After lunch the paddling pals went back to work and I settled in to a routine.
Swim in the pool…dry off. 
Swim in the pool…dry off.
Swim in the pool…dry off.
Swim in the pool…dry off.  

Supper and then off to a mall to pick up some shorts and a Kobo reader. Yea… shiny things.
The Kobo, not the shorts.

Chris asked us to pick him up some Quicksilver clothes. We are on his second list and are still coming up dry. I am beginning to think that he had made up these shirts to mess with us while we are in paradise. Well, it’s not working, don’t forget the stores are air-conditioned. No down side.

To bed to build up my strength for another grueling day.

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  1. Just remember things shrivel in the water after a while, but you have probability noticed this already! Brian