Friday 1 April 2011

The Highest Highs _Ken

My, my, my, what a day! So far anyway. I am still somewhat on Calgary time, or at least my internal clock is (I should never have eaten that damned clock!) I woke around 5:30 and listened to a combination of birds and traffic for a hour or so until the inner man (I should never have eaten that damned man) told me it was time for breakfast. I pushed Louise out of bed and said "Go get me food!". The swelling has gone down nicely.

We decided that after breakfast we will climb Diamondhead. We asked at the front desk which bus to take and headed out sans sherpas. The bus dropped us off at the foot of the drive and we hiked up the road and then through a tunnel which went directly into the volcano bowl. Thankfully they had turned off the lava. We paid our two bucks and started the hike up the trail which went from pavement to gravel to uneven rock. During the course of the journey I would ask the people coming down if they had left any pictures for us to take. I got some strange looks. Anyway, there were stairs and tunnels and they were really only designed for one way traffic. We made a few rest stops, but in the end we made it to the top. I thought that there would be a short trail that I could complain about, but no....just a concrete bunker type thing which looked out upon some of the most beautiful scenery ever. I suggested to the guide that they could make a killing if they put in a water slide and he said that he would pass the suggestion on. Future generations can thank me. Of course on the way down I told people that they shouldn't bother as I had taken all of the pictures and it got the same response as it did going up. Hmmmmm...maybe it just isn't funny. Nahhhh!

Took the bus back to town (the transfer was still valid!), did some shopping and had lunch at The Big Kahuna's. Right now I am about to pass out on the bed. see you later

I had planned to add the interesting and intriguing activities that we did this afternoon. Well, I am not sure if napping is considered interesting and intriguing, but if it is...swell!

We met Rob, Micky and Uwe for a drink and to get our plans for tomorrow worked out. Well, that's about it...

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