Thursday 14 April 2011

Beaches and Wind and Nuts...Oh My! - Ken

So, today we decided that it is time to explore the North Shore. We loaded the trunk with the necessities of  life and set out. The idea is to stop at a lot of the beaches big and small that dot the coastline working on our tans. There was a wind farm on the way, but I guess they ran out of gas to run it. We were driving mainly south and the ocean is on the other side of the road, so of course we decided to drive down to Kailua for lunch and a shaved ice and of course a walk on the beach. 

On the way down we found the Macadamian Nut Farm and went in for a sociable visit. It was founded by a couple of brothers that picked nuts off of the ground and sold them at the side of the road in baggies. It is a pretty big business now. We had a good time and spent a few Hawaiian dollars there before we left.

The beach at Kailua is perfect for walking as opposed to the ones that we have checked out at the North Shore which are made of soft, deep sand. We ended up spending the afternoon there and having supper there. We met Rob  and Micky at the burger place we went to for dinner and had a nice visit with them and caught up on what they had been doing this week so far. 

We ended up driving home in the dark along a winding two lane road in on and off rain. It was a pretty good day.

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