Monday 11 April 2011

Hot bod and Dreads - Ken

In this life we see some beautiful things.
In this life we see some ugly things.
In this life we see some strange things. 

Today I saw a guy about my age with a comb over using one to two inch dreads.
I’m not saying this is wrong..ahhh…yes I am. What is this guy thinking?

Today we bid goodbye to our house in Kailua and hello to our place in Waimea Bay.
The new place is very nice except that there is no air conditioning. I guess we are going to experience the real Hawaii and when we do go home it will be doubly cold.

We are now on the North Shore that is where the pictures of those huge waves with guys and gals surfing inside the curl come from. We didn’t get a chance today to spend much time at the beach, but we will rectify that tomorrow.

I guess there are about eight days left to us in Hawaii and it is time to get down to some serious relaxing. Even the birds don’t fly here. Oh, they can fly, but for some reason they would rather walk. Perhaps there are no natural predators. Whenever I see them I just picture them with a tiny surfboard under their arms and a pair of near worn out flip flops (the locals call them slippahs) strolling to catch the waves. 

Hopefully the fan will keep us cool tonight, if not I might just get a little ugly tomorrow. 

OK, uglier…

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