Tuesday 26 April 2011

Yoshi and Kazuo

We decided yesterday that we have had enough “reminders” that our Echo needed its regular maintenance. I was expecting Vito and Guido or their Japanese counterparts Yoshi and Kazuo to pay us a visit any day now. We called to arrange an appointment and was asked when we would like to bring it in. I had them now, “Tomorrow?” I asked coyly. This way I can put it off indefinitely. “What time?” the smarmy swine asked. I countered with “!”. “Will you need the shuttle sir?” 

OK, so now I had to make sure that I got the car there on time. There was a time in ‘the good old days’ when you could count on things never changing. If you needed construction work done quickly, two Italian guys with a wheel barrow would never let you down. Anything and everything from Japan was crap! You can always trust the mailman. Dentists usually died early by their own hand. Police kept the peace by just being there. Oh, and anyone to do with car sales and repair were slimy, cheating bastards.     

Louise and I showed up on time and were greeted by Jason the service rep who seems to be one of the nicest, most agreeable, clean cut and sympathetic young men I have ever met. He “facilitated” our “experience”, printing up the work order and getting us to sign it  and out of the service check in area, before we knew we had been in. Hey, that was pretty painless! Just an oil change and fluid level check, my kind of service.

A couple of hours later I get a call and a sinking feeling from Jason. It turns out that the transmission fluid needs to be replaced. Hmmmm. “How much?” (WHAT?) “OK”. “Great”  Jason says. “That is just about it except for the front brakes, which need new pads and the drums need to be turned. Oh and the rear brakes pads are in great shape but there is scoring which needs to be attended to . Once this is done you are good for years.” I could see his smile hanging in the air in front of me. “Oh…so…how much?” It is a good thing we keep smelling salts in the house.

Well, I guess that’s what money is for, and it costs for the convenience of a vehicle. Yadada, yadada! I am sure that if there is Karma in this world there will be a special kind of Hell for all of the people that are so very nice while they are bending you over and doing a not so delicate surgery on your wallet.

You know, I’m a nice guy. There must be a million people out there that I can screw over with a smile.

What’s in your wallet????

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