Monday 4 April 2011

Pool Fool - Ken

So, another day in Paradise

I am starting to warm to my situation. Slept well last night and woke to (surprise, surprise ) a beautiful blue sky and nice warm weather. I could get used to coffee by the pool in the morning. After our leisurely breakfast by the pool we put on our bathing suits, got a cool drink and went in and out of the pool for a couple of hours.

We couldn’t just fritter the day away, so we wandered into town and had a pre lunch pizza slice. We choose vegetarian in order to live in harmony with the planet. We came back to the house and had lunch and hung around by the pool. We decided to go to the Dole Plantation. We had a good time and rode the “Pineapple Express” and learned all about Dole and it’s influence on Hawaii.

James Drummond Dole was a classic robber baron of the old school. If not for him there is a very good chance that Hawaii would have been ruled by the Hawaiians. After the “field trip” we hung out at the pool. Yes, I know there is an ocean and I will get to it in good time. Don’t forget that the beach is covered in dirty sand and fish do unspeakable things in the water. 

Louise begins her class tomorrow and is looking forward to it. She should have a great time! I am not sure what I am going to do…pool perhaps? 

We wish you well…ish.

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