Wednesday 30 March 2011

No Crash, No Dash and soon, No Cash -Ken

Well, here we are in paradise! Hours and hours of travel, three airports and all sorts of smells that I don’t normally smell. Mostly coming from me. Did you know that there are no more meals on planes unless you purchase them? Yeah, I knew that too. However did you know that not only don’t you get the crap TV after 45 minutes but the only movies are ones that you purchase from a selection of four. Oh, I could have actually listened to the lady sitting next to me, but I found that if I would just smile and nod I could still sort of read.

We did sit on Waikiki Beach for a few hours and managed to get my feet wet and sandy. I did get a little too muchsun, but the doctors say that I can get back on the beach in two and a half to three weeks.

I plan on trying to stay awake long enough to get my body in sync with the local time. The weather is great and everything looks to be perfect. How is the snow????

Oh yeah Brian Vancouver Airport is quite the hike.


  1. Well glad to see you arrived and got to lay on that fantastic beach. Don't those airlines piss you off with the nickel and dime stuff they do to you now. Next will be the pay toilet like that old Alaska Airline commercial. Good luck with time adjust/jet lag thing as I remember sitting up till past 1am drinking beer on the balcony and then waking up at like 3am because we were used getting up at 5am MST. That really screws you up for a while but the morning there are awesome and you can always catch a nap midday.
    So enjoy your first evening there as it is a all together different experience, we still have fond memories of the place. Ahhh to be able to walk the beach again in my bright blue speedo, OK maybe not! Brian

  2. Hmmmmmm...Blue speedo??? Oh, that can't be right! I'm getting to the point where I hang a sheet on all of the mirrors in the house. Yep, Hawaii is pretty cool (hot)kind of like we stepped from winter right into a hot summer day. Talk later.