Tuesday 5 April 2011

Sun, fun and the runs

There are times when you win and there are times when you lose.

The weatherman predicted thundershowers for today, but thankfully they are as incompetent in Hawaii as they are in Calgary. Mostly sunny all day.

This is without a doubt one of those win times! Today is the first day of Louise’s course and we were all awake early and waiting with some anxiety for the 9:00 AM start. We walked over to the boat club and arrived  about 8:30. I told you they were anxious. The instructor didn’t arrive till 9:00 and rightly so While they were getting their indoctrination Colleen and I went for a nice walk on the beach. Better to be me today. Well, pretty much every day really. While walking the beach we saw a dog attacked by two pit bulls. Nice! We went back to the club to see if we needed to take any of the equiptment back to the house with us. There was a cop there and he was talking to the pit bull owner. Good!

We went back to the house and relaxed until the gang came back. Louise was tired, but determined. They had a quick lunch and then headed back to the beach for the afternoon lesson. Colleen and I decided to explore our surroundings with the car. We drove to a mall, just an ordinary mall, but what a relief not to have all of the rip off tourist stores.

I picked up a hat, the new Jean Auel book and a set of headphones for myself. We picked up some beer and drove back to the house. I took a dip and set about the hard work of drying off in the sun. The weary outriggers dragged their burnt and beaten bodies back around 4:00 and proceeded to make short work of the beer.

We decided to go to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner and the food was terrific. We were all just about finished when Uwe (Oo-va) pulled a large dark hair from his, up until now, delicious meal. The rest of us lost our appetites quite quickly. What a hoot! He was compt his meal, but not the rest of us. Oh well.

So we end on a positive note walking back on a lovely cool evening.

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  1. Sounds like your having fun in the sun, which is a good thing because that's why your there. The laying around by the pool can be addictive, so much that you will want one at your home. Which you could utilize 9 months a year as a skating rink! As far as Mexican food I prefer blonde hair in my tacos, I find it much more palatable. Brian