Saturday 9 April 2011

How Many Have You Touched Today? - Ken

Well, well, well. Can you imagine? Thirty-three years of married life. Seems as if it were just a while ago. I am sure that it feels longer for Louise, but I can’t help that now, can I? Congratulations on your perseverance Louise, or should I say Saint Louise?

Today was the culmination of the paddling course where the Paddling Pals took what they were taught during the week and  paddled from Waikiki Beach to Diamondhead and back again. The weather for the day started out rainy and gray, but as the weather seems to do here it became sunny and hot. Just perfect in other words.  They had a great time, surfing the waves and using the boats in the element that they were intended to be used. Well Done!!!!

I kept myself busy doing this and that, here and there. Just never you mind!

When the paddle was done we were going to do a catamaran cruise, but we just missed one and we had to leave before the next one left. Something to do another day. Back to Kailua and a quick toss together supper, and a rehash of the day on the ocean.

I did see a woman that seemed to have her bathing suit on backwards, but when I set off to let her know of her fashion faux pas, I was told in no uncertain terms that I shouldn’t. I guess others just don’t care about fashion the way that I do. There was also this woman that obviously worked at one of those high-end stores in a mall which I was visiting who was standing outside smoking a very long cigarette. No, I am not sure why I was visiting or why they let me in. I had a nice chat with a sales woman in the University of Hawaii store about how the Hawaiians should run their state. I think I may have started a “Hawaii for Hawaiians” movement. I hope they don’t make a fuss over me. Now, back to the woman smoking the cigarette. I let her know that there have been studies that indicate smoking might not be good for you. She smiled and I just walked on. I hope that she won’t make a fuss over me. 

I do what I can to make this a better world. 

How many have you touched today?

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