Monday 20 March 2023




A while back we decided that we needed a new furnace and central air conditioning. When I say “we” of course I mean that Louise decided we needed a furnace and central air and eventually I embraced the inevitable and agreed that she was right in this and most other things. The summers have been getting much hotter the last few years and the window shaker air conditioner just isn’t cutting it. Plus I am getting older and the installation is getting a little more difficult every year.


My reluctance was based mainly on being cheap/tight/thrifty/Scroogelike and pretty much tight fisted. It isn’t that we couldn’t afford it, but what if I live to be a hundred and need that money to pay for extra food in the home the kids put me in or protection so I don’t get dry humped by the staff. I doubt that will happen, I am no prize now and in another thirty years I will have to pay someone to dry hump me.


The other reason is that I would have to clear away shit from the shed at the side of the house and from around the furnace. No good has ever come from cleaning! Plus it is a lot of work and I am happily retired. It turned out not to be too much work but I will be able to complain about it for months and years to come.


The furnace has been working fine and has since it was installed in 1992. However, who is to say just how long it would have continued to work fine. A buddy of mine has a company come in every summer to do routine maintenance on his furnace for a couple of hundred bucks a pop. Being cheap I You Tubed how to do that maintenance and saved myself $200 bucks every year. Of course I understand that what I did had almost no impact on the furnace, but I felt better.


That brings us to today.


We have a couple of guys in here banging and screwing and drilling up a storm. They ripped the old furnace out and are in the process of putting the new one in. I guess tomorrow will see the AC installed. I love to watch people work just as much as people don’t like being watched when they work. I have been drifting down to check out the progress all morning but I am very obviously in the way.


So here I am writing a blog for the first time in a long time just to keep myself busy. I have been retired for about fifteen years and I kind of miss working. I would love to go down and hold a light for the guys or pass them the drill, but I am really not needed. When I say I miss working that is only true if I don’t have to work. I guess I like the idea of working but not the actual work itself.


Anyways, I will put up with the noise and the feeling of being useless for another day or so and once the furnace is hooked up and I am assured of being cool on the hottest days of the summer I will go back to bitching about how much work I have to do finding new homes for all of the crap I have moved in the past week or two. I have to keep it so the kids will have something to toss in the garbage bin when I die.