Sunday 10 April 2011

Fellowship of the Ring -Ken

How is it that one minute you are trying to figure out what you should do with your life and the next minute you are wondering what you did with your life?

Really, all you need to do is look at the family and friends that you have. The laughs and loves. Work? Just a way to feed and house yourself. Will you be remembered? Probably not by the world at large, but to those that touch your heart and whose hearts you touch. What does this have to do with a blog from Hawaii? Yeah, I know but why should I tell you everything?

This is the beginning of the end of this leg of our vacation. Our fellowship is separating. Colleen and Shirley fly back to Edmonton tonight and tomorrow is the last day at this house. We go to the North Shore and Rob and Mickie will move to another house for their coaches clinic next week, while Uwe has one more day and flies out tomorrow night. There is a ring bearer, but only those of the fellowship know who it is.

Our new place won’t have a pool, but it will have an ocean. Speaking of oceans, we went for a walk on the beach tonight before dinner and watched about twenty people “Kite-surfing”. What a crazy sport! They just soar along the surface and at intervals actually take to the air. I would need a mite more wind than those people do. Perhaps the kind of wind that Dorothy traveled to OZ on.  We went to have dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s and although good it seems to be sitting like a lead balloon somewhere between throat and stomach. 

I know that we have about nine days left, but I am feeling done at this point in time. Tomorrow will be fun and interesting, as we plan to go to a swap meet. I think Louise is humouring me. We will stop on the way to the North Shore. I am going the long way to see how long it will take to get to the airport on our last day. The rush hour is insane because everyone works in Honolulu and lives elsewhere. So, we will have our last breakfast together and then go our separate ways. 

I do hate change! I don’t think that change likes me very much either. Bring on tomorrow…

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