Wednesday 11 March 2015

Win Tomorrow

The truth will set you free.

That is what I wrote earlier in the day to remind me about that great idea I had for a blog. Note to self: make longer and more detailed reminders because your mind has passed its best before date.

In the time between that reminder and now, thirteen hours have passed, I walked the dog, went for a short bike ride, had lunch, took Tornado skating and to school, looked in on Arwen and Hurricane who has a real bad ear infection, had coffee with a buddy, supper, watched some TV, drove to the airport where I picked up Tsunami and her parents, dropped them off at home, grabbed a reluctant kiss or two and am now finally in front of the computer trying to think of a good blog idea.

The only thing good that I can think of is getting to bed. Hmmmm…let’s see…bed…blog… bed…blog… bed…blog… bed…blog… It seems that going to bed has won by the slimmest of votes. One vote for bed and no votes for the blog.

Maybe blog will win tomorrow.

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