Friday 13 March 2015

Louise Retires

Well, well, well!

This is one of the few days in a person’s life that stands out from all of the other thousands of days. It ranks up there with the first day of high school, university, job, turning twenty one, getting married and your baby’s births. This is Louise’s last day of work…EVER!

She no longer has to set the alarm to get up when she doesn’t want to get up. She doesn’t have to decide what she will want for lunch tomorrow, the night before. She will no longer have to figure out what clothes will look good when she can barely focus due to lack of sleep. She will never again arrive at work with no memory of how she got there. She won’t have to go out the door knowing that her lazy, good for nothing, retired husband might just go back to sleep. The only thing she has to do now is to fill her days to suit her own desire.

I am happy for her and wish her well in the coming years. I hope she can re-learn how to tolerate me. I hope that retirement is all that she has hoped it will be. We should have a blast!

There will be a settling in period, but we have two lifetimes of preparing for not working so the transition should be pretty seamless.

The world has been waiting for this moment in time. Hold on to your hats…

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  1. Congrats Louise, it will take a few months to really sink in. B