Wednesday 25 March 2015

Large Waves and Murky Water

The palm trees are swaying in the breeze caused by the trade winds which we were told are stronger than normal and are wreaking havoc with the snorkeling on the south, west, east of north side of the island that we are staying at. I have no idea which way is which because on an island everywhere you look is ocean. The same ocean! In Canada if you look to the west you see the Pacific, the east has the Atlantic and up north there is the Arctic Ocean, everything is as it should be. Here the direction just doesn't matter.

Anyways, I am sitting on our lanai (porch or deck in Canadian) looking out over the small pool that's surrounded by the most magnificent flowers you would ever want to see. It is a stunningly beautiful place.

I was talking to a guy that is doing work on one of the units the other day. He is from Santa Cruz on the mainland. He and his wife moved to Florida for a couple of years, spent some time on Oahu and then ended up here on Maui. He was saying that they have the house for sale and will be leaving as soon as it sells for Santa Cruz. He is going full circle. He said that there just isn't enough work on the island to make a good living. I didn't tell him (mainly because of the hammer he had on his belt) but I find that hard to believe. I would say there is a construction boom going on here, lots of new builds and there must be an enormous amount of repair work like he is doing here. He did mention a 16 year old son and I suspect that he might be the driving force behind the move. Either the kid doesn't fit in or he fits in too well and something has to change or his life may be ruined. That is just speculation though.

Louise's paddling group went paddling out into the ocean where the snorkeling is supposed to be fantastic, but today there were high winds which caused large waves and murky water. I feel for them, but at least they had a nice paddle on the ocean.

I am bordering on the edges of sunburn. If I get too much more sun there is a good chance I will be shedding a layer or two of skin just like a snake. I have vowed to be in the ocean every day, murky or not, and that comes with the inherent danger of exposure to the sun. It is the price I have to pay for a golden glow and a chance of melanoma.

I know there are problems around the world, but I just can't seem to care even just a little bit. The news on TV doesn't interest me, I can read the paper from back home, but that is a world away from here. I did catch a news clip last night that got my attention. It seems that the beaches of Hawaii are disappearing at an alarming rate. In thirty years there is going to be a big problem for the tourist industry. That might affect Hurricane, Tornado and Tsunami in their vacation choices but I'll be dead and won't care. The beaches here have been changing on a daily basis, eroding a little bit here and building up a little bit there. I suspect it is all balanced by Mother Nature.

Like I said, there is a light breeze blowing the palm trees, the air smells faintly of flowers and the ocean. I feel warm all over, but I suspect that's just the sunburn talking. I just had a snack of Maui Chips and POG (pineapple, orange and guava) which filled an empty spot. My thoughts right now are how nice a nap would be on the lanai..............

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