Tuesday 17 March 2015

The Money Is Mine

Just about a month ago, a buddy of mine sent me an email asking if I had heard about this https://www.themoneyismine.ca/ , and if there was anything to it. The basis of this is that the makers of those intelligent chips that make our computers, TV’s, printers and almost every other wired object in our homes and businesses were the subject of price fixing. Someone took it upon themselves to file a class action lawsuit and lo and behold, they won. They won to the tune of millions and millions of dollars!

Needless to say, I told my buddy that it was/is probably a scam and no one is going to send you money just because you tell them you bought a computer in the past. How could you prove it? Most of us don’t keep our receipes for that long and those of us who do, probably can’t find them. It turns out that you don’t need to prove you bought a computer to receive the base reward of $20; they will take your word for it.

Today, I went online and filled in the information and at some time in the future I will expect to see a cheque in the mail for the money that was fleeced from me by those evil computer companies. It gives you an idea of how all invasive these computer chips are when the assumption is that everyone has bought at least one item in the past decade or so. I am sure I’ve bought many more than one and if I were at all inclined I could possibly find some receipes to prove it. Hell, I’ll be thrilled just to get $20.

I am not surprised that the chip makers got together and set the price of their product artificially high, I just thought that was the way business worked. Supply and demand. Perhaps this is just the thin edge of the wedge and all of the other businesses will have to prove that their products actually cost what they say they cost. I remember hearing that the price of clothing (jeans in particular) doubles every time they change hands. The manufacturer charges a wholesaler $5, the wholesaler charges the distributor $10, the distributor charges the parent company $20, the parent company charges the retailer $40 and the retailer charges the consumer $80. The way I figure it, if I bought one pair of jeans every year since I was fifteen, the manufacturers owe me at least $3500. That’s just the lower half of my body.

God, I wonder if we could sue the oil companies. Those bastards would owe us millions. Gas for our cars, buses, transport trucks and oil to heat our homes and businesses, the added cost to the food we bought and let’s not forget my jeans. Those chip manufacturers might even be able to get some of their lawsuit money back. Next, we should go after the friggin’ banks. Charging us a service charge to hold our money that is making them money. Charging interest on interest. They shouldn’t be sued, they should be castrated and have their testicles fed to the pigs while they watch.

Yes, I think The Money Is Mine might just be a first step on the road to sanity, but for now I will be happy to get my twenty bucks.

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