Sunday 15 March 2015


It looks like we might just be back into winter for a while. The snow is coming down and it is settling on the roofs of the homes across the street. The roads are just glistening with moisture and the grass is collecting its fair share of the white stuff.

I don’t mind. When I was delivering mail, as soon as March came we knew that spring would follow closely behind. Sure March and April are traditionally our snowiest months, but the deep cold of winter has passed with January and February. Whatever might fall and accumulate won’t stay around very long and the farmers will be thrilled to get the extra moisture. Everything is good.

It doesn’t hurt that this time next week I will be sitting on a warm, sunny, Maui beach trying to fend off the late afternoon snoozes. Louise and I will be trying to decide if we want to have a quick supper at the condo and then watch the whales as the sun sets over the ocean. The other option is to watch the sunset and then get dressed up and go out to one of the many wonderful places there are to eat in paradise. Getting dressed up in Hawaii just means that we will shower the ocean off us, wash our hair and put on clean shorts and a t-shirt. Decisions…decisions…decisions.

Until then I welcome some snow, it will make leaving so much sweeter. Tomorrow is Louise’s first day of retirement and it will be nice for her to be able to sleep in and avoid the snowy, morning commute. My big plan for tomorrow is to pick up a couple of shirts, some socks and a new belt to take with me to paradise.
I can’t remember the last time I bought a belt. I know it was several inches and a decade or two ago. I have been comfortable just wearing my old belts and using the ones that were supplied by the Post Office. I still have a few of those, but it is time for a change. I think I will go with a dark brown leather belt. The light brown looks pretty good and will go well with my eyes. Most people don’t generally look at my belt and then at my face, but I should make an effort for those that do. There was a belt that was half leather and half cloth which was pretty nice. A couple of the belts were made of a stretch webbing which might come in handy if I continue to grow. Decisions…decisions…decisions.

Libras don’t make decisions easily, which is why it has been decades since my last belt purchase. Maybe I should put this off till I am in Hawaii. Mind you, the Canadian dollar is worth about 75¢ US so perhaps I’ll just wait till I return. I remember that Jethro from “The Beverly Hillbillies” used a length of rope to hold his pants in place and it was a good look. It might work as long as Louise doesn’t notice.

Tell you what. If I can get to the store through the snow tomorrow I will buy a belt.