Sunday 1 March 2015

Size Does Matter

The last time I checked to see how much memory I had left on my “C” drive was when I cloned it. I went from a 250 GB drive to a 500GB drive which should have lasted me for many, many months and even years.

I was stunned today when I found that I had less than 2 GB left. I could understand if I stored a lot of movies or videos on the computer or even if I decided to duplicate the entire printed wisdom of mankind. I don’t store movies, videos and to tell you the truth the collected wisdom of that species wouldn’t take a lot of memory. Well, the wisdom I would care about anyways.

I went through my “C” drive a few times and I just couldn’t find where all of my memory had disappeared to. My personal memory is leaking away, but I figure that should have no effect on my computer. There didn’t seem to be any obvious place that was a memory hog. The only suspicious place was a folder called “restored drive”. I don’t like to mess around with anything that might be an important digital component of my machine. I have in the past and it has come back to bite me in the ass. I still am missing about six months of photos that will never return. The “restored drive” file had about 127 GB’s and it was the only one that had so much. Well, the only one I found.

The search continued and I thought I had found it, but what I found was some movies on the “E” drive. Nope, it has to be that “restored drive” folder. The problem with just deleting any folder when you don’t really know if it is important or not is that IT MIGHT BE IMPORTANT!!!!

An hour or so later, I was up against a wall. I could either delete that folder or go out to Memory Express tomorrow and buy a 2 TB hard drive for $90. Being me and me being cheap, I opted to delete the damned folder. If I happened to screw up, I have the last hard drive I cloned still so I can be back in business in just five or ten minutes. There were a couple of times when I was asked if I were sure I wanted to proceed. The only options offered were YES/NO and I could have used a NOT SURE option. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound.

I still don’t know why that large “restored” folder was where it was, but it appears that it wasn’t important enough to stop the machine from working. Well, it hasn’t stopped it yet and that is a good thing. I may still look into that 2 TB hard drive, just in case. Plus, as they say when it comes to computer memory, size does matter.

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