Thursday 19 March 2015

An Airport or Paradise

This is the day before we go on holiday. I am kind of excited/scared/concerned about the trip. You see, I don’t travel well, kind of like a racehorse a delicate flower a monkey or a banana. That’s it, I am a human banana. I start off looking a little green and after a while I am looking like a seasoned traveller (yellow) and by the end of the trip I am kind of brown and wrinkled. I am still the same inside more or less.

There is any number of things that need doing today. I have to pack. Yes, I know what you are thinking, “Why would anyone wait to the last day to pack?” Well, the same reason I waited till the last day to study for my grade 10 math final. I thought I had plenty of time so there was no urgency. Packing is easy, some shorts, a t-shirt or two, a bag of electronics and cables, my iPad and an ereader some personal hygiene items and what else….oh yeah, Louise. Well, I don’t pack Louise, but I do need to remember to bring her, she is my rock.

Drop the dog off with the kids. Hopefully Buster won’t cause them too much trouble this time. I understand that he sometimes marks his territory. I will explain to him that he is just a visitor and the “territory” actually belongs to Lola. I am embarrassed when he does that kind of thing, he is good at home. Thanks in advance for looking after him.

I also need to hit the library, get my hair cut and buy a lotto ticket. Did I mention I have to set the timers on the lights, take out the garbage and anything that might just start to smell while we are gone? The same reason we are dropping Buster off incidentally. Busy…busy…busy!

Wish me luck and the next post will be either from an airport or paradise.

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