Monday 9 March 2015


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Today when Louise came home from work she told me about having had to deal with this bitch of a woman today. She sounded arrogant and mean spirited (not Louise), a thoroughly unpleasant person to have to deal with. This is not the only one Louise runs into on a daily basis, I just don’t know how she does it.

What interests me about this person is that at some point during her life this persona worked for her. She somehow managed to get exactly what she wanted in life by being a whirling bitch. We have all met these people. We meet them every day at the coffee shop, work, and school, at the grocery store or even just out walking on a sunny day. These miserable, negative energy machines never seem to tire of being pricks.

 I can sort of see how it works. You bitch and complain enough that everyone around you just gets worn down and will eventually let you have your way. They don’t do it because your way is better or that you have somehow won them over with misery, they just will do almost anything to get away from the black cloud of misery that you emit twenty four hours a day. You win! Somehow, you have driven away the people that could have made your life a life worth living. Yep…you win.

Every now and then I have to wonder if I am drifting into the misery camp. I do complain a lot and the world sure could do with fixing. Most of the time I am just kidding and hoping that the people making the decisions are much more well informed than I am.

I am sure that when these people go home, there are people there that love them. Those closest would know the kindness that is in their heart, the way they love their grandkids, the charities they support and that cute little dog that is the only creature on the planet that can bring a smile to that miserable face.
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I can remember my mom telling me not to frown because my face might freeze that way and wouldn’t it be awful to go through life like that. I just assumed she was trying to cheer me up because a person’s face can’t really freeze with one expression on it. Well, I am much older now and mom is long gone. I think that I smile enough to balance out the frowns and laugh enough to cancel out the tears. There are probably some people who look at my unguarded moments and wonder why I am so sad/angry/unhappy. I’m not any of those things; I am just letting my face muscles take a break. Really!

Don’t let the miseries take over, ignore the assholes and watch a child for a few minutes. That should do the trick.

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