Saturday 7 March 2015

How Are You Wasting Your Time

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I had thought that what I wanted to write about today was magic. Specifically, why there seemed to be magic in the past and now we have somehow lost that kind of magic. I suppose that it is possible that we have modern magic and without a doubt I will someday soon ramble on about it at length.
Not tonight though.
Tonight I am taking a Beatle break. A week ago or so, I purged some files that shouldn’t have been purged. It turned out that some of those files contained music that I have downloaded and although my iTunes says that the music is there, it can no longer find the files. If it can’t find the files, I can’t listen to the music and if I can’t listen to the music, I CAN’T LISTEN TO THE MUSIC!!!!!
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Needless to say I have to get those songs back. I won’t go into the methods and means involved in music retrieval, but it can be time consuming and frustrating. Tonight I rescued “Revolver”, “Rubber Soul”, “The White Album”, “Sgt. Pepper and the “Love” album from the Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas show. I also have to get “Free as a Bird” but that can wait till later.

I’m going to spend the night with The Walrus, the Sun King, Jude, Lady Madonna and Sgt. Pepper. How are you wasting your time?

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