Sunday 8 March 2015

It Could Be Magic

If you are anything like me, whenever there is a rainbow I look to see where the end of it is. I have actually tried to drive to the end of the rainbow, but it always eluded me. I guess it wouldn’t be a very good place to hide your gold if it was easy to get to. Leprechauns aren’t stupid.

I have been thinking about magic for the past couple of days, wondering where it went to. Folklore and myths are full of examples of magic, including pots-o-gold, magic beans, towns that appear and disappear, Giants, Little people, hundred year sleeps, dragons, unicorns and walking on water. People took magic for granted in the old days and it became an integral part of their lives. Today, we don’t believe in magic because we can’t see it. Of course, the reason that we can’t see it is that we don’t believe it. That’s our modern dilemma.

There is modern magic of course, but we call it science and technology. Could there be anything more magical than talking to your daughter who is 2000 miles away? How about getting on a plane in Calgary and six hours, two movies and a meal later I step into the airport on Oahu. My sister-in-law just had her knee replaced on Friday and she is going home today. I can write a silly little blog in Calgary AB and it is read by people in France, Argentina, Afghanistan, India and the UK within minutes. I don’t have to walk up thirty flights of stairs to get to a lawyers office, I get in a box and seconds later I am 300 feet off the ground. I am just about to drive over to my son’s house to check for mail. If I had to walk, it would be a full day round trip.

Maybe there is still real magic in the world. Perhaps the amount of magic that a world has is a set amount that neither grows nor diminishes. That would make sense if magic were somehow tuned to the planet and was simply a part of nature like gravity, wind, tides and ley lines. Gravity doesn’t increase as the population of the planet grows, why should magic?

There are far more people now than there has ever been in the past, and if magic is finite then it would be spread a little thin. A lot of us are too busy to notice the little odd occurrences that happen every day around us. Since I have been writing this blog it is something I’ve noticed. People just don’t pay attention! Would anyone notice a little person that could disappear when one of us large folk approach? Probably not, and even if we did see something, we’d think it was a trick of the light or a sudden gust of wind. We just don’t believe.

Be that as it may, there is still magic in the world and it has to make itself known from time to time. Some days everything just seems to go right. Sometimes that cancer is found in time to be treatable. Sometimes, just when you have given up on finding love, it finds you. We sometimes despair and miraculously we are saved. It could just be the way things work out. It could be coincidence. It could be the way things were meant to be. But, it could also be magic.

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