Friday 27 March 2015

No Talking While You Are Trying To Breathe

Louise had today off from paddling so we decided that we would try snorkelling since everyone just raves about it. I have had my doubts in the past and they are still with me in the present. We will see how things go.

Since it was a day off, we slept in and had a leisurely breakfast. We had been told that it is better to snorkel in the morning because the water is clearer, the fish are feeding and Snorkel Bob likes to make his rental money early. We actually didn't use Snorkel Bob but chose Boss Frog rentals instead. No real reason, just a whim really. We finally got on the road at 10:00 or 10:30 for the drive up to Lahina. Look at me tossing out Hawaiian names.

We found the place right away but managed to do three loops around the block before getting into their parking lot. We parked in the spot with the sign "BOSS FROG PARKING ONLY! ALL OTHERS WILL BE TOAD" I already like this place. We went in and slapped our money on the table which got us two sets of fins, prescription snorkels and a very, very minimum of instruction. I'm fine with that, I wouldn't have listened anyways. We continued up the coast to a beach that Louise had heard about. There was no free beach parking, but there was plenty of $3/half hour or $40/day parking. Not for this Canuck!

We drove down and around until we found a beach. I think it was Napali Beach but it could have been Normandy Beach for all I cared. The parking was free, there was space on the sand and a reef to snorkel to.

Things didn't start out the best when I got sand in my too tight flippers which were not comfortable from the start. I like to talk, doesn't matter who to or about what I just like to talk. You can't talk when your mouth is being used for breathing. When you try to talk, that mouth gets filled with salt water which is fine if you happen to be a fish. I finally got the hang of breathing and kicking at the same time, I wasn't good at it but I could move places. The water was murky so the pictures we took were equally murky. Oh well.

Snorkelling is a funny experience, parts of it are pretty cool and parts are terrifying. I'd be swimming along thinking "Hey, this is pretty cool!" Then, I'd suck up some salt water which is the opposite of cool. Next, I would see a fish that I had only seen in a fish tank is my dentists office which was pretty cool. Immediately after I would see those spiny urchins that you are supposed to stay away from. Why is the ocean pushing me into the Urchins??? How do you back up? HELP!!! Oh, look, pretty fish.

That was about it for snorkelling. I guess I lasted ten or twenty minutes and by then I had seen all that I wanted except my feet getting out of those flippers. I really wanted to see that! I know people who just love snorkelling and spend hours face down in the ocean marvelling at the colours and diversity of ocean life. I don't think I am one of those people.

I will try snorkelling again but I don't know when. There is obviously a small learning curve that I haven't gotten over. I still don't see me flipping in the ocean for hour after hour burt I don't have anything I want to do for hours at a time.

Maybe talking...

I'll put some pics here if I get the time, if I don't, just imagine a really good looking guy with a mask and tight fins. Pretty fish too...

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