Sunday 29 March 2015


I don't know how anything gets done in this place. I wake up and need to work up to eating breakfast. Today I decided that rather than have breakfast I would take a walk down the beach and look for beach glass. Okay, beach glass was the excuse for being caressed by a tropical breeze while my toes are cooled by the ocean and my eyes treated to sea foam and footprints.

The first thing I wanted to do when I got back was to have a nap, but I first needed to get gas for the car and pick up a few things at the store. I did find some sea glass too by the way. I meant to get gas and do the shopping last night, but we ran into the "Fourth Friday Town Party".

Fourth Friday Town Party is just what it sounds like. Every fourth Friday of the month the town shuts down a large shopping centre parking lot and fills it with food trucks, a stage with live music and fifty or sixty craftsmen and women selling their wares at booths. Most of the stuff they sell is available at different shops throughout the town, but on the fourth Friday it is all in one place. We talked to a cop and he said that for the most part people behave themselves and just have a fun time. Tourists and residents alike take advantage of an excuse to listen to music and have someone else cook their meals for them.

The stage is a biggish one and there are five to ten acts that play music to entertain the masses during the evening. The ocean breeze carries the music across the area and gives the whole thing a festive feel. Of course there are plenty of seats so that you can listen to the music or just take a load off while you are eating. It is a very nice way for a town to behave.

Incidentally, in case you were wondering, there is a first, second and third Friday which are held at three other towns on the island. It is a wonderful idea! I don't know how it is funded but I suspect the crafts people and the food trucks kick in a fee for their booths and the city has to get behind it by supplying cops and shutting down the odd street. It goes a long way to further the "Aloha" spirit that pervades the island.

Speaking of "Aloha" spirit, I have yet to meet a resident of the island who hasn't been pleasant and helpful whenever I have approached them. I know I ask some dumb questions sometimes, but it seems that I haven't crossed the line into insulting or just plain stupid questions. There are some guys that spend their days hanging out at a pier just down the beach from where I'm staying and that I walk past most mornings. Back home I would probably avoid eye contact and make sure that the coins in my pocket didn't jingle as I scurried past them. Not to worry with these guys. They are quick with a "good morning" and "are you enjoying your time on the island". They are all smiles and laughter. It is possible that they hate me and my kind (haole) but they have been nothing but nice to me.

Well, it is now just past 1:00PM and I am feeling up to a swim in the ocean. Perhaps a walk on the beach as well, but I won't rule out another nap.

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