Wednesday 12 March 2014


I think that Facebook came along at just the right time for me. When I can’t think of anything to write the blog about, all I have to do is to read through some of the postings and sure enough there will be some terribly interesting or terribly stupid thing that someone or a group of someone’s have said. It’s like looking down at the ground and seeing twenty five cents just waiting to be picked up.

Today, one of my younger friends put out a request to find out just how much the Sandman leaves when a child loses his first tooth. I never get into discussions like this, because I am still functioning on 1983 values. The Sandmen back then didn’t have a union, it cost less to live and there was a surplus of sleeping sand at the time. I think we paid 50 cents, but it could have been one or two dollars, I would bet that Louise kept me in blissful ignorance.

I guess now the first tooth, being first is worth much more than all of the rest of the teeth that will eventually come out. One of the suggestions for a first tooth was $20! Twenty bucks!!! What is a little kid going to do with $20? I think that is way too much for any tooth, let alone the first tooth. I can see negotiating with the kid that he or she will get $20 now, but that is advance payment for all of the teeth. Take it or leave it!

I was just talking to Arwen and she remembers getting 50 cents for her teeth, and a dollar for the molars. I should ask Maegan because she actually has a good memory. Arwen did say that Hurricane and Tornado get $3 dollars per tooth from the tooth fairy. Hurricane had Arwen facetime with Aunt Maegan and he pulled a tooth out tonight, live! Tough little guy! It must have freaked Maegan out a little.

Today when I was thinking about the tooth fairy, I remembered that he/she had repatriated the tiny teeth from Arwen, Maegan and Brendan a few years ago. They are in a box down in my workroom. I don’t know why I am keeping them, maybe I think that sometime in the future someone will want to clone one of the kids and I’ll be able to say “Hey, I have just the thing!” Maybe, I’ll make some weird necklace or bracelet from the teeth. Maybe, I will in the future set a trap for the Tooth Fairy and once captured he/she will have to grant me three wishes. No…I’m thinking of Leprechauns. Maybe, I’ll just keep the teeth for when I am short of cash and need to get a coffee.

To tell you the truth, I think I will just keep them on hand. It turns out that as far as investments go, teeth have gone up in value far faster than my RRSP’s


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