Sunday 23 March 2014


Interesting day I had today.

Well, probably not for anyone else, but I had fun. I went and shovelled snow off of my buddy’s walk, since he is visiting grandkids for the weekend. I told him that I left the windows and doors open to air the place out while I was there. I figured why should he not worry when I am doing his work. It wasn’t too cold, but then it should be much warmer than it is at this time of year. I know you have your own concerns.
I mentioned earlier that I am cloning my hard drive, but it isn’t going as well as I had hoped. I suspect it is something simple that I am over looking and when the brain fart dissipates the solution should present itself. Of course I just may toss the computer out the window into the snow and let Jack Frost deal with the fucking thing.

Louise wanted some Lego figures for her desk at work and that is what she asked for her birthday. Thanks to some wonderful children, she managed to acquire Superman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor. There is always someone truly evil in any work place setting, so it might just as well be Lex.
Louise put the figures together and left the rest of the construction to me. The age range on the box said 6 to 62, but that’s just Brendan and Tara goofing off. The real age range is 6 to 12. BULLSHIT!!!! There is no way a six year old could put those 207 tiny pieces of plastic together and make a robot vehicle for Lex Luthor to travel around the streets of Metropolis in. I managed to put it together, but I had parts left over, so it’s a lot like when I do automotive work.

I remember Lego from when I was a kid. They were mainly rectangular blocks basically, and sometimes there were platform pieces and some pieces with wheels. You could make a big block of blocks that would roll (until the tiny wheels broke off), but it looked like crap. I guess some kids could do pretty amazing things with Lego, but it just looked like amazing crap. I could build a wall or if I were being especially creative, I would do a wall with a corner and even a small window if I had the longer pieces to bridge the gap. I usually lost those pretty early on, or maybe my brother Steve would hide then in his quest to drive me insane.

The new Lego is much cooler than the old stuff, but unfortunately kids more than likely can’t build with it. I’m sure that Hurricane will take parts of many Lego creatures and build something that will create cold fusion. That’s in the future, for now he is content to watch his dad put them together and break them apart just as soon as Chris is done.

That’s the way it should be.

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