Thursday 20 March 2014

Sure She Will

Sometimes the world just makes you shake your head in disbelief. Okay, it makes you shake your head almost constantly. We have satellites that can read a license plate from orbit. We have instant, free, communications anywhere in the world. Most of us carry a smart phone in our pockets that enable us to access the World Wide Web which in effect will answer any possible question we may have. I have a TV that has access to over 900 channels with my cable service and more often than not there isn’t anything that interests me.
Just this past week, an aircraft has disappeared from the face of the earth. The people in the know are pretty sure it is still on the planet, but they can’t find it. I guess if airplanes had to have license plates, we could get those fancy satellites to tell us where it is. Maybe one of those two hundred passengers would have dialed the emergency number in the seven hours the plane took to disappear. Maybe an email telling us what happened would have been a good idea.

If those people could have contacted us, they would have. It is certainly a mystery, and the plane was nowhere near the Bermuda Triangle. Amelia Earhart disappeared under mysterious circumstances on July 2, 1937. I don’t think she had anything to do with this missing passenger jet, but she would have loved to fly something like that. She would be 117 this year, and even if she had the inclination to hijack a plane, she would be too feeble to over power all of those people. Probably?
Someone will figure out what happened to the airplane, I am more concerned with what happens to all of the cardboard boxes.

My buddy’s daughter is (maybe) planning a move and Ken wanted to take her a truckload of boxes this weekend when he is visiting. We went to the local Co-op yesterday and they had two boxes for him. Two boxes? WTF? They must go through hundreds or thousands of boxes every day, and all they came up with was two. The lady promised to put some aside for Ken to pick up today. We went to the store and wouldn’t you know it, she forgot about putting the boxes aside for Ken. No big deal, but it got me to wondering why they crush those boxes so quickly. Yes…it’s a space thing, I know.

It just seems like such a waste to crush them and then send them to be recycled. There must be thousands of people moving every month that could use free boxes, all you would need to do is to set up a system of distribution. I know, too time consuming and it would cost money.

I’m surprised that these big stores don’t have reusable containers that they would ship back to the manufacturer to be filled and shipped out again. I know, too time consuming and it would cost money. I’d like to think that this is the best way to handle things, but I’m pretty sure it is the cheapest and cheapest is rarely the best.

On the plus side, the lady at Co-Op said she would save Ken some boxes for next week. Sure she will…

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