Monday 24 March 2014

Maybe a Lobotomy

It’s funny how the mind works, or in my case, it’s funny how the mind works so poorly. Yesterday, I heard a news report that I thought might be an interesting topic for last night’s blog. When it came time to write the blog, I didn’t have a clue what the news report was about. I tried all of my methods of encouraging my mind to remember. Actually, I only have one method, tilting my head to the side and furrowing my brow, but even though it looks like I am thinking it doesn’t really do anything.

The only way that actually works from time to time is to completely forget trying to remember and just go about my life. It worked for me this morning! I was watching a part of the James Bond movie “Skyfall” and after the MI6 headquarters exploded, they moved the base of operations to a section of Winston Churchill’s bunker. Just as soon as I heard “Winston Churchill’s bunker”, I remembered the news story as if I had just heard it. Not to worry, the headquarters of MI6 didn’t blow up, that was just a movie.
The news story was about cyber crime and how the British government is attempting to hire young, computer savvy people to help battle the escalation of cyber crime. Guess where they will set up this cyber crime task force? Yep, Churchill’s bunker! How cool is that?

I’m surprised that this hasn’t happened before now, but the way that governments drag their feet and deny that a problem is a problem until it is beyond fixing, I’m not surprised. No one wants to spend money on something that isn’t 99.9999% sure to work for fear that the voters will blame them and not elect them to a new term of bellying up to the trough. The British government should be congratulated.
If I were a computer savvy geek, living in my mom and dad’s basement, I would jump at this opportunity. Well, at least I’d give it a try. You would probably be paid pretty well, have three or four weeks per year of holidays, all the benefits, and you would get to play with all of the latest high tech doo-dads. Not to mention the fact that you would get in on the ground floor of a new and growing industry. Oh yeah, you would be doing the right thing and stopping these cyber thieves.

I really have come to hate these bastards that are using computer technology to steal from Mr. and Mrs. Joe Citizen. Times are tough enough without some scumbag helping themselves to your life savings. I am behind the formation of an anti computer theft bureau and the government should put these guys on a commission so they don’t watch porn and drink Red Bull all day. They need to have something to do on their off hours; after all they will be government employees.

The government also has to enact some serious penalties for this kind of theft. No slap on the wrists for the cyber scum, seizure of assets and long prison terms should be the norm. These guys aren’t downloading movies or songs; they are stealing identities and causing untold grief to people who can’t fight back.
Personally, I would bring back the medieval tortures. It’s pretty hard to work a keyboard with broken (unhealed) fingers and no access to electricity…ever.

Maybe a lobotomy…

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