Friday 28 March 2014

It Will Be Nice

I know that I keep going on about this winter and how it just doesn’t seem to want to end, but WHEN IS THIS WINTER GOING TO END????

I know that spring is very, very, very close, and that it will be warm and sunny in just a couple of weeks. The flowers will start to push through the soil, the birds will be singing and lovers will be falling in love. I’ll be able to put most of my winter coats down in the closet until next fall. Not all of them of course, because this is Calgary after all and a winter coat can be handy when the summer turns cool.

However, that is some time from now and at the present moment, I am typing with very cold fingers. You shouldn’t have to blow on your hands to warm them up in your house in the springtime. You shouldn’t have to put on a fleece jacket inside the house to keep warm, when your furnace is working just fine. These are things that I have to do. I suppose that I could turn the heat up, and I probably will very soon, but for now I am saving gas.

I find that when I close the curtains, it seems warmer in the house right away. I suspect it is because thousands of years ago our ancestors spent the winter in caves or shelters that were dark and smoky. Winter was a season to tell stories, repair weapons and make beautiful, useful things that life depended upon back in the day. The room that I feel most comfortable in our house is the main floor bathroom. It is located in the centre of the house and has no outside walls or windows. It is also directly above the furnace and if the door is kept closed, it is also the warmest room in the house. Another benefit is that there is indoor plumbing. No TV or computer, but no place is perfect.

I read an article that said Canadians were no longer considered to be a nation that spent a lot of time out of doors. We used to be, but now we have too many interesting things to do indoors. Our homes are just too comfortable. Well, not this home, I feel a little cold, but you know what I’m talking about. The people who live in northern European countries spend far more time outside in the winter than we do. The main reason I think is that their homes aren’t as large or comfortable as ours our for the most part. Might as well go out and find some way to entertain yourself.

My plan is to stay inside until the weather conforms to my idea of spring. I hope it comes soon, but if not I plan on a trip to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. It’s warm there! Well, warmer than here and that is the important thing. It will be nice to need a cool drink. It will be nice to wear shorts. It will be nice to have warm fingers. It will be nice to have the sun on your face. It will be nice not to have everything white.

I’m going to turn the heat up…

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  1. Be sure to go to Red Rock Canyon when your in Vegas, worth the trip out of town! B