Saturday 15 March 2014

Mr. Konig

I made a comment on facebook that said I just passed 50,000. I meant that I had just passed 50,000 page views on this blog. That number isn’t very accurate, because Google counts automated views I think and they should only count real people page views. I don’t know what the difference is, but I just like to have some way of marking the passage of time.

One of my Facebook friends just commented “Boy, are you old!” Yeah, I know, with friends like that I really don’t need enemies. I thought that I would be a smart ass and calculate how many seconds old I am.

It’s simple math isn’t it? I thought so too and after a few minutes I have the same sinking feeling that I had in grade ten math class. Okay, it’s easy.
61 yrs. X  12mons.       =          732
X 4 wks.                      =          2928
X 7 days                      =          20496
X 24 hrs.                      =          491904
X 60 mins.                    =          295124240
X 60 sec                      =          ?

Okay, the number is too big for my calculator. Not only that, not all months have four, seven day weeks. Maybe I should start all over…

It’s actually 61 yrs. 5 and a half months, so now it should be 732 plus 5.5 months which is 737.5 X 52 weeks..No, that’s wrong.

Let’s round up and make it 61. 5 years.
61.5 X 52        =          3198 weeks
3198 X 7         =          22386 days
22386 X 24     =          537264 hours
537264 X 60   =          32235840 minutes
32235840 X 60=         FUCK!!! The calculator still doesn’t go that high!

Okay, it’s a lot of fucking seconds! Stupid fuckin’ math. Yes Mr. Konig, I failed grade 10 math again. Are you happy you know-it-all asshole? I don’t even need to do this, it’s just for a fucking joke!

No blog tonight!!!!

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