Wednesday 5 March 2014

Not Interested in Penile Enhancement

I have been getting more than a few Anonymous comments on the blog lately, and not all of them have been information on how to get a bigger butt or a link on how to respark the romance. Some have been ads for the purchase of items that had nothing to do with penis enhancement at all. I guess there must be a way to make some cash by commenting on random blogs for somewhat dodgy web sites. I guess every little bit helps.

Sometimes I get the feeling that people are practicing their English, and that is cool also. I would caution you not to use this blog to learn proper English; at best you will learn lower middle class Canadian English. You would be better off to read a blog from somewhere around London England, but what ever you do is cool by me.

I have had one or two inquiries about the physical and technical setup of my blog. I’ll give you the short answer, I know very little about the technical side of blogging. I use Blogger and once you sign up for Blogger, just follow the instructions and pick from an assortment of templates that they offer. It really couldn’t be easier, well, it could be if someone else did all of the work for you. If you have to do your own work, then this is for you. My daughter uses Wordpress for her blog and since she is much smarter than I am, that would probably be the way to go.

I did get an inquiry today that asked me how I centre myself and clear my thoughts before writing. The anonymous that made the comment has trouble with that and wastes a short period of time getting centred. It is a good question. The flip answer is that I generally don’t have any trouble because I don’t think about what I write. The truth is that on good days, I have an idea and let it percolate during the day or over several days, slowly fleshing it out in my mind. When it comes to writing the blog, I have all of the ideas and I just kind of let them flow out onto the page in an order that makes sense to me. I have been thinking today about how the Dali Lama is selected and why other major religions don’t do the same thing. It may make it into a blog or I may just forget about it completely. Time will tell.

I know that I should do several rewrites to make it well written, but frankly I don’t have the time. If I were to spend that kind of time writing, I would expect to get payment for it. I write a blog every day and for the most part I have stuck to the schedule. If you have read on a regular basis, you can probably tell the days when I don’t have my heart into it and the days that I find great joy. The key for me is to just write and write for myself. Hopefully others like it, but in the end if I can read a blog from a year ago and laugh a little or if it makes me think, then I have accomplished what I set out to do.

I guess the short answer is that you should write for yourself and don’t over think your topic. There is plenty of time to go back and smooth the rough edges off until the article is just the form of perfection you are happy with.

Thanks for writing, and I’m just not interested in penile enhancement.

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