Sunday 9 March 2014

Right and Proper

Lately, I have been thinking of taking Sunday night off from writing this blog. There is nothing keeping me to any kind of schedule other than what I think is right. For the longest time, Sunday blogs have proven to be more challenging to write. Not that I have run out of bullshit to fling, but because Sunday I tend to get lazy.

Maybe I should just write one blog a week and actually put some real thought into the subject. I could do editing and rewriting which would help the readers actually follow the drivel that I am putting out there. I could do one blog and then keep a journal for myself for the rest of the week, which would document the fascinating things that happen in my life. Hmmmm…. Maybe I will just keep up with the blog.

I am considering cutting out Sunday though. Even God took a break on Sunday. If it’s good enough for God, then surely it’s good enough for a guy like me. Mind you, it kind of makes you wonder why God needed a break. He is after all, all powerful and all knowing, so it stands to reason the He would have known exactly how long turning on the light, creating the universe, the world and all of the plants and animals would take Him. However, for Him to know exactly just how long it would take, He would have had to have some previous experience.

If He did have previous experience, then there is another universe out there with the lights on, planets and galaxies, worlds, plants and animals and of course a sentient species or two create in His image. I suppose it’s possible that the first universe wasn’t quite up to His expectations. However, if He is all powerful and all knowing then He is incapable of making mistakes, so there has to be another universe out there.

I wonder if that is how the concept of a multi-verse has come about. There are an unlimited number of universes located in separate dimensions that give us the possibility of every decision that we didn’t make might be played out in one of the universes. I suppose it’s possible that in one of the dimensions there is a Ken that loves writing his blog on Sunday night. There is probably one that just writes one blog a week that is well thought out and well written. I wonder if I could somehow find that blog on the world wide inter-dimension web.

I could just copy the well written one and since a version of me had written it, there would be no chance of anyone saying I stole it. No, that won’t work. It would take me forever to sift through all of the ‘s to find the one good one. That would take all of my Sundays and I’m busy enough as it is on Sunday.

I guess I have a blog for this Sunday and I can put of f the decision for another week. I still want to know all about the multi-verse, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to press God for an answer. He will let me know when it is right and proper that I know.

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