Friday 21 March 2014

Computer Magic

I am having something of a frustrating day. You might be saying to yourself “Why would I care what kind of day this dweeb is having?” and you would more or less be right. In fact, I am oscillating between caring and throwing my hands in the air and saying “Screw this!” The only reason I don’t, is that sometimes if you keep worrying a problem, the solution magically appears. Yes, I am hoping for magic to happen.
I am one of those people that believe magic actually exists and has an effect on the world around us. So far, I don’t think any magic has changed or altered my life, but I continue to be optimistic. What is an optimist? If you take a pessimist and remove good sense and reason, then you have an optimist. That sounds just about right.

I am the kind of person that continues to believe that our elected representatives actually want to build a better place for us to live. That’s not based on empirical fact, but hopes and dreams. They are people too. I’m the kind of person that thinks everyone is more or less like I am and that they want to treat people with respect and fairness and expect to be treated fairly and with respect in return. I am the kind of person that has bought lottery tickets every week for the past 35 to 40 years, and I believe that I just might win every time I buy a ticket.

The “C” drive on my computer has almost reached capacity. I could do a couple of things to relieve this problem; I could buy a new, bigger, shinier computer and just transfer the files over. I could delete a good portion of the files that are on there or move them to my “E” drive. That is becoming more and more problematic, since I have done that time and time again. The option that I am going to do is to clone the hard drive onto one that is double the size, and then I will just swap the new drive into the machine and store the old one for a back up copy.
Well, that’s the plan and I believe that I can do it. I bought an external enclosure for the hard drive that I already have and once everything is set up, it should work. It should have worked, but for some reason my computer won’t recognize the new drive. I have spent about an hour already, but so far no luck. I think the problem is that the new drive isn’t formatted, but that is just a guess. I may have to install the new drive in my computer to format it, and that may or may not work. I believe that in the next day or two I will have a larger “C” drive and a perfect backup sitting in the computer closet.

Yes, I am hoping for magic to happen, but in the meantime I expect to stay frustrated.

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