Tuesday 4 March 2014

Sugar Swilling Nutbar

My buddy and his wife are in the market for a new couch and were going to IKEA to see what they had to offer. I went along of course because I suppose they can sense my innate ability when it comes to interior decorating. Okay, I went along for the one dollar breakfast and Ken was buying, so in effect it was a zero dollar breakfast. It’s very hard to beat that price.
The breakfast was as I expected and as an extra added bonus, the sugar swilling person from my Oct. 15/2013 blog was there which is kind of like seeing someone actively committing suicide the hard way. I do so like to be entertained when I eat and if the entertainment involves pointing out other people’s flaws, so much the better. There were two women who used a cart to carry their trays which Ken thought odd and I choose to take the high ground, saying that they might have some kind of arthritis. I thought it was weird too, but sometimes you need to disagree with your friends just for the fun of it.

We looked at sofas and I managed to keep my mouth shut for the most part. Not completely of course, but for me I did pretty well. They quickly narrowed in on a sofa that was comfortable, well built and modestly priced. Ken’s wife kept asking “What do you think?” to Ken and he kept saying “I don’t care.” She of course wanted him to agree with her and he just wanted to get out of the store.
Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that we were just two blocks from the Lazyboy store and they make great stuff. Ken gave me one of those dark, poisonous stares that kind of made me think I would be walking home. I got interested in the chairs that were strewn around the floor pretty quick.

For the most part, I really like IKEA; they have furniture and furnishings that are unique, well…ish made and affordable. I know a lot of the stuff is entry level, but sometimes that is more than sufficient. They have storage solutions that are second to none and if you like to change your kitchen colours on a regular basis, this is the place for you. I like the kid’s area the best and I like to wander through the rest of the store just touching things and letting my imagination fly.
One of the most interesting things they had was a mock up of a 564 sq. foot apartment. It was well thought out, spacious and had everything you might need. It is the kind of apartment that the people in the know should be building for the baby boomers that are soon to need smaller, functional apartments. It was just fantastic, and if you happen to live in a city with an IKEA, you should check it out.

I’m thinking about going back later on during the week so that I can wander at my own pace and with any luck I will see that sugar swilling nutbar again.

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