Wednesday 19 March 2014

Fart Nickels and Shit Ice Cream

A couple of years ago, there was a news story about this young couple that had a sick dog. The dog may have been hit by a car or attacked by coyotes, I just can’t remember and it isn’t really important. Well, it was important to the young couple, but to a guy watching the news it was mildly interesting. Anyways, this dog needed a lot of medical care. I really feel for animals that need this kind of attention and don’t really know what is going on.

The young couple went on the news to plead for help in paying for their dog’s operations. They had used up all of their savings, took out a loan and the young man even sold his truck to pay for his beloved pets medical needs. At the time of the report, they had spent $30,000 and the dog needed more work to get better. They were both crying and I have to admit I misted up a little too.

I misted up for a different reason though, to spend that kind of money on a pet brought a tear to my eye. If Louise didn’t have health care I wouldn’t have her fixed if it cost $30,000. I wouldn’t have myself fixed if it cost $15,000! I know that we humans get really attached to our pets and they become a big part of our family. I am torn about this issue though.

I willingly spend money on Buster all the time. I buy him dog food, dog treats, dog toys, a coat for the cold winters and I pay for his license annually. There is also an annual check up with the vet where I put up with him shaming me about Busters weight and the state of his teeth. I actually bought him from the Humane Society and bought the book on how to look after a dog, even though I didn’t need it. Well, I don’t think I need it.

Buster is due for his check up and shots and I guess I am due for a little humiliation. The vet always wants to have Buster do a sleep over so he can get his teeth cleaned. My attitude is that if Buster doesn’t floss and brush regularly, how is it my problem? The vet will say that Buster could lose a tooth or it might get infected and possibly even break in half. I figure that I will cross that bridge when I come to it. If Buster does indeed lose a tooth or all of his teeth for that matter, I will just switch him over to soft dog food. If I didn’t have a dental plan, I’d be eating soft food myself.

I guess it comes down to how a person views his pet. Some people, the couple mentioned earlier, view their pet as a full member of the family with all of the rights and privileges that go with that status. I view my pet as a thing that I bought which can and does have a replacement value. Don’t get me wrong, I have had to put down a couple of dogs and I cried like a baby, vowing never to get another. It was just too difficult for me emotionally. Eventually, I come to realize that I can’t live without a little being that gives unconditional love for dry dog food and a warm place to sleep.

I don’t know where my dollar limit is, I have never been tested. I suspect it lies somewhere between $300 and $2000, but the $2000 is really pushing it. I would need a guarantee that Buster would not only be 100%, but he would have to be able to fart nickels and shit ice cream

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