Saturday 8 March 2014

A Lifetime of Good Luck

Sometimes dreams start out just fine and somewhere along the way, they turn and head off in a totally unexpected direction. That happened to me last night.

The dream started off with Louise and me in our Hawaiian home. Now, although I don’t remember all of the details, it was very comfortable and just the place that we had both hoped to be living in someday. We had met the neighbours and they were very nice people, In fact just the other day we had them and some other neighbours over to our house where we had an old fashioned luau with all of the trimmings. I buried the pig in a pit and slow roasted it all day. It was a big success.
Even better than the luau being successful, it didn’t cost me anything at all for the pig. I managed to sneak up on a wild pig in the field behind our place and killed it with a shovel. The wild pigs in Hawaii seem to be so docile, that I doubt if I will ever have to pay for meat again. I do love the Hawaiian life!

I was sitting in the lanai the next day thinking about how perfect life is. Where ever I go, I try to leave it just a little bit better than when arrived. Up until this point in the dream I had assumed that I owned the place, but it appears that we are just renting. Oh well! I noticed on the day of the luau that the neighbours welcome mat had a loose thread. It was a pretty cool mat that had a lightning bolt in the centre between the words GREASED LIGHTNING. I have had a lot of experience repairing welcome mats (?????) so I went over to offer my services.

The neighbours were out, but I figured I would just fix it quick and return it without them even knowing it was missing. I was crossing back across the street when this maniac came roaring down the street and just missed me. Somehow, the loose thread caught on the car and before I knew it, all that was left of the mat was the wire frame with GREASED LIGHTNING and signed by “The Duke”. I know mats don’t have wire frames, but this was a dream after all. I couldn’t take the mat back, and I sure as hell couldn’t fix it, so I looked around to see if anyone had witnessed me stealing and destroying the mat, then I tossed it into a storage place under the house. Well, I guess I won’t be leaving the place better than I had found it.

Just when I had nearly forgotten about the mat, I heard a scream from across the street. It sounded like someone had died, so I ran over with all of the other neighbours within earshot. Someone had stolen the GREASED LIGHTNING welcome mat! Everyone seemed to be equally upset, but I said that I was going to the swap meet later on and I would look for another one for them. It turns out that this particular welcome mat was used by the Hawaiians for every important state and local event. Kind of like the Hawaiian talking stick. To make matters worse, it had been hand woven by Duke Kahanamoku himself, so it was near to divine. Oops!

I was just about to leave when another neighbour mentioned how horrible this was happening just after LIGHTNING the pig had disappeared. What??? What pig? I guess that every high school, college and professional football game of any import on the islands use the pig to bring good luck to the game. They put grease on the pig and whoever catches the pig will have a lifetime of good luck. No one knows what happened to it. It would roam freely around the neighbourhood but always came back at night. We are all still hoping that LIGHTNING will find his way home soon.

See what I mean about dreams heading off in odd directions? I woke up at about this time, but one thing I know to be true, it looks as if I will have a lifetime of good luck ahead of me.

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