Saturday 1 March 2014


The price of gas went up on Friday night by about eight cents. I’m not going to complain about the high cost of gas because we in Alberta pay much less than the rest of the country. However, the way I see it, is that the industry borders on the incompetent. If a refinery is shut down for maintenance, two days later the price will skyrocket. If there is a natural disaster affecting one of the refineries, the price will skyrocket. How can such an important industry keep such a small stockpile?

I know, I know, there are many complicated aspects that I am completely ignorant of. For all I know, fuel may only last a week or so until it turns into fairy dust. We all know that it turns into money after two days.

I guess I am just surprised how things work or I guess how things don’t work. Mankind can do amazing things, we have sent people to the moon, we have cured disease and we are even working towards treating each other with respect. That last one is a work in progress. What I can’t understand is why some very important things in our lives don’t get the same focus. Earlier this year, my furnace failed to go on in the morning and since it was a relatively new furnace, I was rather surprised. I went on Youtube and found that all that was needed was to take some steel wool to a sensor. That information should have been the first thing that was printed on the TROUBLE SHOOTING page of the instructions that came when the furnace was installed. It was not on that page at all.

The only reason I can think of for that omission is that there is an industry that is supported by the ignorance of the general public. My buddy and I were talking the other day about how schools have in some ways failed us. There should be a class on how to deal with this kind of thing, how to buy car tires, how to buy cars, basic wiring and a multitude of things that are simple. Sure, there are a lot of fixes that are best left to the professionals, but it would have helped to build up our confidence in school.

My son’s furnace conked out last night when the mercury dipped below -30°C. It started again in the morning and I told him about the self fix he could do, but he is calling a pro sometime next week. The furnace is just a couple of years old. I think something as important as a furnace should be built of the highest quality materials by the most skilled workers and last for years, but that would affect the bottom line and we wouldn’t want that.

I guess I shouldn’t write a blog tonight, especially since I can only seem to complain. I’m sure that the people in these industries have our best interests at heart and profits take a back seat to quality.


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