Monday 2 December 2013

Winter Wonderland

I spent a good part of the day decorating the house for Christmas. I also spent a good deal of time shovelling snow. We are gripped by an evil bitch of a winter storm, with high winds, low temperatures and 20 to 30 CM of snow. It is a winter wonderland if you don’t have to go outside at all.
I used to revel in winter, give me lots of snow, cold and I would play or work outside with hardly any complaints at all. I don’t know what happened; perhaps I have become too used to warmth and comfort. Perhaps I have visited places in the world that are warm all of the time just a little too often. I don’t know why, but pretty much from the first hint of winter I am counting down to the first hint of spring.

It’s a pretty stupid attitude for someone that lives in a place that has seen snow in every month of the year. I made a pact with myself that this year I will attempt to recapture the joy of winter. Today was the first test, and I have to admit that I failed miserably. I made sure that the thermostat was set to “Ken WARM” and kept checking it throughout the day. I sat in front of the TV with hot tea or hot chocolate, covered with a blanket and a warm dog on my lap. I was warm, but not warm enough to suit myself.

Every now and then I would reluctantly get off of the couch, pull on a few layers of coats, a pair of boots and shovel the drifts that had built up since the last time. I have one more opportunity to embrace the season before I go to bed tonight. Can you call it “embrace” if you attack it with a shovel?

I will frolic in the winter wonderland tomorrow; tonight I will snuggle under the covers and dream of white, sandy beaches.

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  1. Hey Ken, watching your local news yesterday and this morning makes me glad we made the move to the island. Cool here this morning also -1c brrrr,anyway keep warm buddy spring is only 5, 6 well OK 7 months away! B