Monday 9 December 2013

End of Existence

I just finished watching a made for TV movie called “Pete’s Christmas” which is a direct rip off of Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day”. The premise is that Pete has a shitty Christmas day and is forced by the universe to relive the same day over and over. He eventually finds a way out of Christmas Day a changed person. He was changed for the better of course. It would be kind of refreshing if Pete had become even more of a loser and a bastard. That isn’t the way of TV Christmas movies though.

His grandfather had given him an empty box on the first day and by the end of the movie he realized that life was very much like an empty box. It isn’t what you take from life, but what you put into your life that is important. I will watch “Pete’s Christmas” next year, and hopefully I will have put more into the box that is my life by then.

I meant to write all of my Christmas cards today, but I was side tracked by doing nothing. Surprisingly, doing nothing is extremely time consuming and to tell the truth I didn’t get it all done so I may have to do more of nothing tomorrow. I do need to get some cards sent tomorrow and of course buy stamps and mail off the cards that Louise managed to write. She had nothing to do as well, but instead she did stuff. Sometimes I just don’t understand that woman!

It’s supposed to snow again tonight making the commute to work in the morning an ugly experience. I wish those on the road tomorrow good luck and safe driving.

One of my facebook friends from Ontario mentioned that her GO Train was delayed about three hours coming home again. It seems that some poor soul committed suicide by train and the resulting investigation was what held up the commute. Death can be measured by degrees of separation. The person’s family will be devastated by this suicide; Christmas will forever be remembered as the time of year the Johnny died.

John’s girlfriend will feel that she shouldn’t have broken up with him this close to Christmas, but will be able to rationalize that there would never have been a good time.

 Friends and co-workers of John will be shocked and appalled. They will not have seen it coming, he seemed so happy all the time.

People on the GO train will be pissed off that someone made them three hours late getting home.

Some guy in Calgary writing a blog will be thankful that he has something to write the blog about, even though he wishes a life didn’t have to end for his blog.

The rest of the world hasn’t a clue and life goes on as normal.

John? Well, John is finding out if there is life after death, reincarnation or simply an end of existence.

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