Sunday 29 December 2013

Shit Happens

I was just thinking about what I am going to write about, and I have started three so far that just don’t interest me. If I’m not interested, then there is a very good chance that you won’t be interested either. I know and understand that a lot of what I write may not be interesting to you, but just keep that to yourself.

Earlier today, I was thinking that I should write about why some people are successful and others seem to struggle all through their lives. Some of us fall in between those two extremes. I realize that success can be measured in many different ways, but I guess I am talking about those people who life treats as a favoured child.

I haven’t collected my thoughts on the subject and there is a good chance I never will, but as it stands now, I will give some thought to this and write the blog about it tomorrow. I may not even get around to writing tomorrow because Maegan flies out early the next day and I would rather be sitting with her for as long as I can, than writing a blog no one reads.

I do miss Maegan and wish there was some way I could see more of her without pissing her off. That’s not fair; I would like to see more of her without impacting her life in a negative way. Anyways, maybe no blog tomorrow and really not much of one tonight.

Oh well, shit happens…

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