Friday 27 December 2013

I Hate The Mess

I know I have gone on and on and on about the shitty weather so far this year, but it has been…really, really shitty!

The last few days we have had near double digit plus temperatures and a good portion of the snow has melted. I was having so much trouble throwing the snow on top of the huge pile that I asked Santa for a sleigh shovel just to move the piles of accumulated snow. What do you know, he brought me the exact shovel I asked for and I moved the piles almost effortlessly. This winter is promising to be a real ball buster, so I have the feeling that I will be using that shovel more often than not.
Today started out at 9° C and it is now -7° C but feels like -18 with the wind chill. We are expecting about 5cm of snow and the city is under something called a “FLASH FREEZE” warning. I have never heard that term before, and to tell you the truth I am more than a little concerned about it. There was a movie called “The Day After Tomorrow” about something that sounded just like this. I guess I wouldn’t be concerned if I hadn’t seen the movie, but I did and this doesn’t sound very good to me.
I’d like to say that this will be the last blog whining about “poor cold me”, but when the weather is as dismal as it has been and probably will be for the foreseeable future, there is nothing better to do than complain. I have already helped dig someone out of the alley across the street and there was another one that needed help, but managed to rock the car out by themselves.
I worry about the accumulation of snow and how heavy the snow is or will be. My dad passed away shovelling snow and although it had more to do with his diabetes, I am cautious about moving snow because of him. I will try to shovel the heavy stuff when someone is home and expecting me to come back inside in a timely fashion. I don’t know why this gives me comfort, my mom was home when dad died and she was pissed off at having to come upstairs to answer the door for the guy that wanted to call the ambulance. She didn’t know at the time the reason for the ringing doorbell of course.

You know, that wouldn’t be a bad way to go. Get up, have breakfast, read the paper with your coffee and then go out to shovel the snow. BANG! Growing wings and playing the harp, or if you are an atheist, BANG! Nothing. Either way, give me a quick and relatively painless death as opposed to slowly losing my mind or being in pain with cancer for months or years.

Say, this is a happy blog. I think I will just end here or I may end up slashing my wrists. Nope, that won’t work either…I would just hate the mess.

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  1. You sound a little depressed Ken, cabin fever sucks. Go to a mall for a walk and less coffee! B