Wednesday 11 December 2013


Have you noticed it?

Maybe it’s just me or maybe you just aren’t sensitive enough. Maybe I’m just nuts!

Whatever the reason, it seems that the world is holding its breath. There is something on its way or just about to arrive. Today has felt just a little off centre. That’s not it, but I can’t describe it any better. I have felt like there is something stuck in my throat all day, and it won’t go down or come up. My head is like one of those over stuffed cushions, too much stuffing to be comfortable, just too much though.

I was driving today and it was like everyone on the roads just didn’t want to commit to making any driving decisions. The signal light would flash for a left turn, and then flash for a right turn and eventually they would drive straight through the intersection. A woman in an SUV got halfway into a turn and just stopped, just stopped! In the parking lots, cars would pull half way into a parking stall and then back out again, only to repeat the process. I saw three cars trying to pull into the same gas pump and they were just sitting. I would expect them to be angry, stunned or honking a horn, but they just sat. Weird!

Even typing this I find that I constantly have to re-type the letters which I mistyped. It’s isn’t the letter to either side, but it will be a letter right across the keyboard. Perhaps I should just let my fingers type what they want; maybe I will unearth some great secret.

 Kujo[agdfglspoaha’fnayi’ZA d;pa djuhap;a 

Nope, just gibberish as I suspected it would be. Of course it could be some kind of an off kilter code, but probably not. I went to a psychic once and she did automatic writing. She would go into a trance and then her hand would write answers to the questions that were bothering me. The funny thing is that at that moment, what was bothering me was how automatic writing worked. She didn’t answer that question though.


Whatever it was, just stopped. Just like that! Things seem to be back to normal again. Maybe I have caught up to where I should have been all along or perhaps whatever it was that affected the planet has finished. Wouldn’t it be nice if that was us going into the Age of Aquarius or an age of enlightenment? I don’t feel any more enlightened, but then again I sensed the change, not what that change is.

I guess it will reveal itself in due time. Let me know if you hear anything.

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