Tuesday 3 December 2013

Day Two

Today is day two of our first big winter blizzard, and the snow has stopped falling although it is still blowing pretty good. The wind doesn’t have the ferocity that it did yesterday, but it can still freeze the tip of your nose off if you aren’t careful, and I wouldn’t want to be a brass monkey out in this weather. The people of the city are having major problems getting to work or pretty much anywhere else for that matter.

I was talking to my daughter this morning and she is taking day two off of work due to the snow. They are trapped on their street until a plough comes along and clears a path. She was saying that they didn’t plan on a two day snow day, and are running out of the staples of life. Bread, eggs, flour and milk. I guess in retrospect she shouldn’t have made cookies for Hurricane and Tornado yesterday. There is a store within walking distance, but just barely. They have enough to make it another day…probably.

Louise and I got into the habit of having a lot of canned goods, flour and pretty much anything else you might want to think of in our storage room downstairs. We could be isolated for a couple of weeks and still gain weight. We don’t like to run out of things and although it happens, it doesn’t happen often. We started buying in bulk when the kids were living at home and haven’t been able to break the habit. I suppose that having a large storage area makes it a lot easier for us.

There are times when Arwen would come over and do some shopping downstairs before she went home. The only thing missing was a grocery cart. It was nice to be able to help her out in that small way.

I remember reading once that the Church of Latter Day Saints encouraged their faithful to have a years worth of food, just in case. That was later upped to two years of food. I always was intrigued where they stored two years of food around the house. I asked a friend from that church where they put the food and he told me that there are all sorts of places where you can store food. Pretty much any nook and cranny that was big enough for a can would be used. I never did find out what the “just in case” meant. Perhaps they are expecting an invasion of sorts, a global collapse of the food production and distribution system or just a societal collapse due to the rest of us picking the wrong god. Who knows?

I think we might be Mormons.

Well, except that we don’t have ten kids with perfect teeth, practice a family day every week, attend church o a regular basis, our kids can’t carry a tune and we feel that women and men are more or less equal. Oh, and Louise and the girls don’t have to wear magic underwear. Yeah, don’t ask…

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