Saturday, 14 December 2013


I had to pick up some bread and milk today, so I stopped at the grocery store and tip-toed through the slush filled parking lot. When I entered the store, I wiped my feet but the mat was so soaked with slush from other feet that I actually splashed water on my pants. Two days ago my pants would have frozen solid in seconds. I guess living in Calgary has its benefits.

I picked up my bread, milk and a ticket on a dream, handed the cashier $20 and got a mittful of loonies back. Picking up my bag, I saw a woman from the Salvation Army and her collection kettle. Normally I drop a couple of coins in the kettle and walk away mumbling to myself. I have never been sure where and how my coins are spent, but events from the past year have shown me. The Salvation Army are often the first to help in any disaster around the world and this year they had to help my city and province.
I was one of the lucky ones who suffered only inconvenience during the flood. In fact, if I had kept to my normal life and didn’t watch the news I would have never known the city and province had flooded. The Salvation Army helped to feed and clothe those who lost everything in those first few critical hours and days until the government winds up its machine.

The Salvation Army were also first on the scene in the Philippines and I would imagine are still there doing what they can to improve the quality of living for everyone that was affected. They provide for people who lose their homes in fire and a hundred other little things to help those less fortunate in this city, province, country and world. It is a truly selfless organization.

This year, their resources have been stretched to the limit and beyond. They will still feed a good Christmas dinner to those in need and find toys to give to the kids. We donate to more than a few charities throughout the year, probably not as many as we should, but we do what we are comfortable doing. This year I will give more to the Salvation Army kettle campaign than I normally do. It may not make much of a difference, but it will make me feel a little better about myself.

Every now and then I try to make a deal with fate. “If you let me win the lottery, I will give a percentage to charity.” Fate isn’t gullible though; it knows that I didn’t commit to any specific percentage and there is nothing in writing. Mind you, a guy would have to be an idiot to renege on a deal with fate.

I’ll try to be a good and generous citizen of the world and if fate chooses to reward me...

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