Sunday 8 December 2013

John Lennon

If you have read the newspaper, watched TV or listened to the radio today, you know that this is the 33rd anniversary of John Lennon’s death. He was shot to death by Mark David Chapman at 10:50PM outside of his apartment building. Most people from my generation and subsequent generations know these details. It was one of those unexpected crazy things that crazy people do.

I have often wondered why we commemorate the death of our heroes rather than their birth. What does it says about our civilization that we honour death as opposed to life. It would be far more appropriate to look at the life and how the genius developed in hopes that we might somehow emulate the journey. I prefer to read about the struggles a young John Lennon went through and just how they formed him into the man he became, rather than attempt to deconstruct his life.

John Lennon was the Beatle that I liked the least. I don’t really know why, perhaps because he was less personable than the other three. He always seemed aloof, like he was just tolerating those around him. Of course I never got to meet him in person, but I am sure he was a wonderful person, friend, husband, father and of course musician. He may have been the most creative of the four, but I would have preferred to spend time with any of the other three.

Yeah, I know it is crazy because I will never know. Well, unless someone develops time travel and I go back in time. I’d probably spend most of my time watching my family and friends, trying to see if they are the people I remember. I still wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near any of the Fab Four.

I would like to know what John could have done musically and socially if he had lived. I imagine he would be Sir John and would possibly have a Nobel Peace Prize on the shelf next to thirty or forty Grammies. He might have decided to fade into oblivion and hang out with Elvis in some sleazy Vegas trailer park, drinking beer and playing guitar. Just two old farts who were someone once.

Yeah… I kind of like that.


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