Tuesday 17 December 2013

Not That Interesting

It was a good day today.

Well, it was a good-ish day anyways. Nothing really stands out as exceptional, but there was nothing that was unpleasant in any way. I woke up early and slowly eased into the day. I had a cup of tea, skipped breakfast and opted not to read the paper. Who needs to start the day reading about how the government is spinning the latest scandal or about the fire that put a family on the streets just before Christmas. This is the time of year when there are articles about people helping people get through the season. I do like that, but I can read about it tomorrow.

I was long over due for my tri-monthly haircut, so I went to where Dennis the blind barber used to work. I’m glad he retired; now my hair looks pretty good. I used to think I just had unruly hair, I never considered that my barber was nearly blind. The woman that cut my hair was easy to talk to. She did make me slouch down in the chair because she was so short. Come to think of it, I wonder if she managed to cut the hair on top of my head.

The rest of the day just kind of went by. I had lunch…I was pretty hungry since I had skipped breakfast. My buddy called me to see if I could cut some wood for him and then we went out for a coffee and a trip to Princess Auto to return the wrong cable. Got home and did some wood turning. My project turned out pretty good, just a little heavy and over sized. If the weather holds I may do a few more of the decorations. I can’t show a picture because they may end up as gifts.

Made supper, then went out to Chapters to pick up a last minute gift. I love going to book stores at any time of year, but there is nothing to compare with a book store at Christmas time. The books all look so interesting and it is a time or the year when people who don’t read as a rule will find themselves walking up and down the aisles looking for some kind of inspiration for that special person. When you gift a book to someone, it not only makes a comment on the person receiving the book, but also on the person giving the book. Like most gifts, they are a reflection of how the giver views the givee. Just hope your wife doesn’t give you “Paradise Lost” or “The Gods of Guilt”.

I spent the rest of the evening sitting with Louise, watching TV and discussing the day.

It was a good day, but not that interesting for a blog.  

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